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The Green Magic

If you have been born and raised in America. you probably wouldn’t understand the worth of having a green card and what people across the world would be willing to do to have one. In third world countries, it is considered as a life-changing opportunity, however, only a few lucky ones get the chance to turn their dreams into reality.

What Is A Diversity Visa Lottery?

A Green Card Lottery, officially known as the Diversity Immigrant Visa, is simply a chance for people around the world to get a green card and become an American Citizen. This started back in the 1990’s when W.H Bush decided to make it official by passing a lam this allowed many Irish immigrants to settle in the U.S because of having tense conditions in their hometown Millions apply every year (Join them now) and only 50.000 lucky ones are selected. In 2017 for example, roughly 19 million people applied to win a green card lottery, however. the winning candidates were only in thousands.

Who Can Apply For The Diversity
Visa Lottery And How?

Almost everyone from the Eligible countries (Check Eligibility here) can apply for the green card lottery and that too for free. Well, being free to apply obviously brings more candidates despite being the fact the only 1 in 386 gets to win it. There’s a narrow chance of winning the visa lottery, however, if you like taking chances in life and still want to give it a shot, keep reading further, the how-to part is up next.  

Submitting the Application

he applications can only be submitted in the months of October and November and for some reason, the whole process is done online

Getting Selected

A notification is issued to the selected ones for the interview process and only half of them are able to make it through the interview.

Passing the Interview

The interview requires a lot of documents and official records from you and almost all of them must be original with photocopies of them in hand as well.

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