The DV Lottery program (Diversity Immigrant Visa), also known as the green card lottery, is an official program that takes place once a year and is run by the American States Department. The program was originally founded in 1987. The American immigration system has gone through significant changes throughout the years, from free immigration that formed the basis for the establishment of the States and their subsequent unification, to the much tougher policy that exists today which has been influenced by the changing demographics of the American economy and global terror threats. In order to give equal opportunity to people around the world, the United States decided to run the green card lottery based on participation rates in smaller countries. As a result, the law states that countries where more than 50,000 citizens emigrated to the United States during the five previous years, can not participate in the lottery program. Within each region, no country can receive more than 7% of the total number of visas issued in that year. To enter the lottery, applicants must meet a few important requirements such as being born in an eligible country. At a later stage, education level and work experience are also taken into account along with additional requirements. There are, on average, 6-8 million eligible applicants that register every single year. The applicants that are selected to move on to the next stage after the lottery must go through a consular process and further important stages before they can receive their green cards. The first 50,000 applicants that complete the whole process successfully are the ones who get the green card. The lottery takes place every year, typically starting in early October, but the exact time frame can change from year to year. Every DV Lottery program is named after the year the Green Card is issued. Therefore, registration for the 2021-DV Program will end in October 2019.


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