What's All About ?

A green card holder is a person, who has the official and permanent authorization to live, work and study in the United States of America.
If you are dreaming to working in the States, living with the highest quality of life, or study at the world’s leading educational institutions in all field, then green card is what you are looking for.

How can you get it? Here are the ways:

Diversity Immigrat Visa (DV Program)

The DV Lottery program (Diversity Immigrant Visa), also known as the green card lottery, is an official program that takes place once a year only and is owned by the American States Department. The program…

Family Sponsored Visa​

In some cases, U.S citizens can sponsor a green card for their family members. A relative can be authorized to get a green card only in case of: Spouse, kids (married or unmarried), Parents, brothers and sisters…

Employment-based visa

Many immigrants choose this way, which most of the time requires an employer to sponsor the immigrant through a future job based on his life and working experience. An applicant that would like to…

Refugee/Asylum Status

If you are admitted as a refugee, you are legally required to apply for a Green Card in the United States 1 year after you have arrived at the United States as a refugee. The process will start with a I-485 form…


The “registry” is a provision of the Immigration and Nationality Act which allows a person who has previously entered the United States illegally to obtain legal permanent residence simply based on having…

How do you help me and why do I need you ?



With our immigration services, you are 100% guaranteed to be submitted to the program at the right way. Our immigration exports offer support and guidance in order to help you to become a green card holder after you have participated at the DV program.


The computer that draws the lottery will not receive a form that was not filled correctly, and you will not be notified.


There is only a very limited time frame of 30 minutes to create your form.


With our services, you can ensure your participation in the program for many years without any worries, as we prepare you ahead of time and make few checks that all the information is correct.



Our immigration experts will help you send the necessary forms and photos on time and make sure that they match the formal requirements.



If you won the lottery and did not respond on time, you could lose your green card.


We help with any request, question and problem by phone and email throughout your participation.
Specialzed Services

With our application you are 100% guaranteed to participate inthe DV lotery program. Our services fits the needs of
applicants around the world that would like to have a chance to live, work or study across the country.