How do I check the status of my green card?

There were days when you applied for immigration, and you had to wait as long as the process didn’t complete without knowing the status of your application. Your green card can be marriage-based or work-based or it might be a green card lottery, either it is approved or denied; it takes several months to get into your notice. Now that your application is submitted and you are waiting, you can check your immigration status by just a single click.

Green card lottery 

Till now you get to know a lot about green card lottery however some things need to be discussed here. The initiative ‘Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery Program’ taken by the US government to issue visas to 50,000 lucky immigrants from across the globe holds significant importance as it gives more opportunities to the people who are striving hard to achieve a better life standard according to their needs and choices. Every year millions apply to get their dreams fulfilled, however only a few actually got what they desired for in the form of green card lottery. GREEN MAGIC!

Eligibility requirements for a green card lottery

 This program making a limited number of immigrants across the globe in order to diversify US population with different cultural and ethnic groups, they award the green card lottery to the immigrants fulfilling certain eligibility requirements; you must be a foreign citizen of a country who is labeled as an eligible country according to US Department of States.  The list of countries might change each year depending upon their low immigration rate. Another requirement to be eligible for a lottery visa is to be graduated from high school or equivalent and have qualifying work experience.

Consider saving your confirmation number once you submitted your application because you won’t be able to know your selection without your confirmation number.

Checking your green card lottery status

The lucky winners of this green card lottery program are selected through a random computer program. However, the participants may check their status online on the Diversity Visa webpage by using the entrance status check link. 

Upon winning the Diversity visa, you get notified about when you are getting the visa. You will then consider the State Department’s Visa Bulletin for the submission of your application. The point to be noted is winning a green card lottery visa doesn’t mean getting an immigrant visa and green card also. You have to fulfill certain requirements for it depending upon whether you are outside the premises of the US or you are residing inside the US. The conditions applied for both the scenarios are different however applying for an immigrant visa and green card is constant.

If you are inside the US 

Although the vast majority of the winners are not in the US, having a nonimmigrant status you are there in the US, you will apply for a green card by filing I-485 form through USCIS and submit your application as soon as visas are available based on the visa bulletin.

If you are outside the US

You should apply for a green card through the US consulate in your home country. You have to fill the DS-260 form for further process. US consulates upon receiving your application call you for a visa interview. There your request for an immigrant visa will be approved or denied based on the fulfillment of your requirements.   


Checking the status of green card

Please note you can only check your status once it starts processing. Have a look at how it works.

Checking online is the most effortless way to track your green card status. You may check your status through the USCIS website or through your phone by calling on the USCIS contact center number.

You just simply have to have your receipt numbers. The receipt number is a unique 13 digit number that USCIS provide you on your application. You should get your receipt the moment you submit your I-485 form to USCIS.  If you haven’t received your receipt number and you had applied for a green card while residing inside the United States you might resolve your matter over a phone call and if it’s not done through the call you might visit USCIS office. You have to provide the relevant certificates and documentation related to your case to the USCIS authorities

Visit the official USCIS website. Enter your receipt number in Case Status Online bar and there you will get to know about your status.