How Can I Check Green Card Lottery Results?

green card lottery 2020 results

Green card lottery is also known as the diversity visa lottery. If you have submitted a visa application for the diversity visa lottery then you might be waiting for the lottery results and you might be thinking that how you can check results for the visa lottery. You will be so excited to know that either you are from the 50,000 people who can apply for a permanent residency(Green Card) in the US or not. In this article, we are going to discuss how lucky winners of the green card lottery are chosen and notified. If you want to know more about the diversity visa lottery and how you can participate in it then you can visit the Diversity Immigrant Visa page.

green card lottery 2020 resultsHow to Check Your Status?

If you are curious that how and when you can check the green card lottery status then there is no need to worry. You can check your status in the early may of the year when you applied for the diversity visa lottery. The process of diversity visa lottery is fully automated. The applicants from the eligible countries can apply online for the diversity visa lottery. The applicants won’t receive any mail or letter alerting them that they have won the green card lottery or their application has been rejected. The only legitimate way to check if you have won the green card lottery is to use the electronic Entrant Status. You can check the official website.


Entries for the green card lottery program starts in the autumn. Candidates can submit their application usually in the time duration of a month mostly from  October to November. But if you want to make sure about the actual time and duration of the DV lottery then make sure to visit their official website of the US State Department.


During the early May of the year, after you apply for the DV lottery, you can use Entrant Status Check to know that if you are selected in the lucky people from your country to apply for a US Permanent Residency (Green Card) or not. 


You should not delay checking your status because if you are selected for the green card lottery then you need to act fast to collect the information and prepare the documents that are required to apply for a green card. All applicants must apply and get their diversity visas before October. Every year the amount of winning entries is greater as compared to the actual visas so you should act fast and try to benefit from this opportunity. 

How to Use the Entrant Status Check

To check your status make sure that you have the confirmation number that was provided to you when you submitted your entry for the visa lottery. It is because you will require this number to use the entrant status check. If you have lost this number then you can easily retrieve it from the entrant status check website by using the email address that you provided when you applied for the visa lottery. There is certain personal information required to confirm your identity and then you can get your confirmation number. Don’t ask the state to provide you the confirmation number because there isn’t any other way to get back your identification number. 


You have to enter your 16 digit confirmation number with your last name and year of birth. Authenticate yourself by typing the characters shown in the box. The people who got selected in the DV lottery will receive the good news and instructions on how they can process their visa application. You will need to provide the work and educational requirements and other documents that are required to be admissible in the US. You may also require help from an experienced immigration attorney when applying for a visa or green card.


So, this is all the information that you need to know about checking the green card lottery results. There are many scams related to the DV lottery in which individuals show you fake results and ask you for your personal information and fee by sending you fake emails and letters. You should be aware of these kinds of scams and try to report them if someone tries to scam you.