Green Card is an identification card, identifying its owner as someone who has received permission to live, work and study in America. A Green Card holder is considered a permanent resident of the United States of America, but is not considered a citizen. 


Green Card Opportunities


Live anywhere in the United States of America


Work in any field in the United States of America

Study at any institution in the United States of America

travel back to your hometown and back to usa

Travel back and forth between your hometown and the United States whenever you like.

open legit business in usa

Open any kind of a legal business in the United States of America

apply for an american citizenship 5 years after the green card is obtained

Apply for an American citizenship 5 years after obtaining the green card

As the world changes and opportunities become more and more limited, many people look for a second chance to a better life. This inevitably lead to deeper interest in the green card. There is no doubt that people around the world have been looking for different ways to change their lives. Nowadays we know that we are not limited by the country we were born in, but are free to live elsewhere. As human beings, we will always aim for a better future for ourselves, our families, and especially our children. These days, the United States of America makes this dream much more accessible. Thanks to the annual DV lottery program, 50,000 people are given the chance to change their lives drastically. Whether we have friends and family in the U.S or simply hear stories, there is praising of America everywhere we turn. While a Green Card holder is not a citizen of the United States, it bares almost all the same rights as  American citizens. The Green Card can be an important and critical measure to start a new life, turn over a new leaf or even used to develop yourself in ways you can’t yet imagine.


How do you help me ?

With our immigration services, you are guaranteed 100% participation in the Lottery Program as we submit you to the program the correct way. Our immigration experts offer constant guidance in order to help you become a green card holder after you have participated at the DV program.

The computer that draws the lottery does not accept forms that were filled incorrectly. If you get disqualified due to an incorrectly filled form, you will not be notified by this automated system.

There is a very limited time frame of 30 minutes to create your form.

With our services, you can count on your participation in the program for many years. We prepare you ahead of time and constantly keep your information updated.

Our immigration experts will help you send the necessary forms and photos on time and make sure that they meet the standard requirements.

We can help with any questions or problems by phone and email throughout your participation.


100% Guarantee

With our services, you are 100% guaranteed to participate in the U.S DV lottery program. Our services suit the needs of applicants around the world who would like to have a chance to live, work or study across the country.