Everything You Should Know About Green Card Medical Exam

Before 2020, some of us didn’t have a clear idea of why it is so important for a foreigner to pass a medical test to get admissible in a country but with this wave of Covid-19, we could easily understand and relate to the importance of passing a medical test to be admissible in a country. Moreover passing a medical exam for permanent residency in the U.S is the first and the most important step.

green card medical exam

Who needs a medical immigration exam?

Anyone willing to apply for a green card will have to go through the medical immigration process and without completing this process you won’t be allowed to enter the USA.


Finding a doctor:

Every immigrant needs clear and complete the medical exam while applying for a green card from a USCIS certified doctor.

The exam cannot be cleared by your doctor unless he or she is approved by the government.

There is a good amount of fees for the exam; however, the government has no control over how much a doctor charge.


What to bring:

 There are certain things you need to have with you during the medical examination. That include:

  • List of vaccinations you already had.
  • For some person in you immigrating family with mental disarranges or mental troubles (on the off chance that any), a report of their current condition, and any uncommon instructive or supervision prerequisites.
  • In case you’ve had a past positive skin test for TB, you must display a composed certification, signed by your specialist demonstrating that you were satisfactorily treated.
  • If you’ve got any history of destructive or rough behavior coming about in damage to individuals or hurt to lifeless objects, data that will permit the specialist to decide whether the behavior was related to a psychiatric or therapeutic issue, or to medicate or alcohol utilize.
  • Composed Certification of your diagnosis and length of treatment if you have ever been hospitalized for mental sickness and drug abuse.

How it is done: 

Firstly, it is not a routine check-up where you tell the doctor about your health issues and he will then prescribe you medication. The main purpose of conducting such exam is to find out whether you are secure to travel to the US, it’s neither about being in the best of your health or having not a single disease, it’s about not having any contagious or communicable disease or mental illness that would lead you to disqualify you for traveling to the US.

To get admissible in the US, the First thing that needs to be check by all doctors is your identity, for this purpose you should have your passport and other identity documents to prove you are you.

They only examine your physical condition which is relevant to the immigration process.

The diseases and illness that may be fatal for you but not harmful or injurious to others such as heart diseases, cancer, or other mental illness, you won’t be inadmissible.

For getting a green card and get admissible in US certain vaccinations are also required:


  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Influenza
  • Influenza type b (Hib)
  • Measles
  • Meningococcal disease
  • Mumps
  • Pneumococcal disease
  • Pertussis
  • Polio
  • Rotavirus
  • Rubella
  • Tetanus and diphtheria toxoids
  • Varicella


Conditions that make you inadmissible:

It’s mostly having specific diseases and illness that makes you inadmissible in the US. The diseases which require a special isolation period (quarantine) to be completed to fit in the criteria of the healthy individual to get a green card. This may include cholera, diphtheria, infectious tuberculosis, plague, smallpox, yellow fever, viral hemorrhagic fevers, severe acute respiratory syndromes, and novel or influenza (pandemic flu including the COVID-19 coronavirus. That’s genuinely considered a serious threat for the public of America. Precisely we can conclude that this is done for the safety of their people.

The diseases that may lead to inadmissibility in the US are gonorrhea, infectious leprosy, infectious stage syphilis, and active tuberculosis (TB).


Bottom line:

Outcasts and individuals allowed refugees within the US do not need vaccinations until they apply for a green card. As a general rule, every foreign national can be admissible in the United States and may apply for the green card unless he fits into the criteria set by governmental authorities.