Can green card holders get deported

Getting a  permanent residence in the US is a big deal and once you are done with it, you need to maintain your status by regulating yourself to certain rules and laws. Otherwise, it may lead to many problems, and above all the possibility to get deported always exists.

However, crimes and illegal entry to the US are not the only reason to get deported, your small negligence may result in deportation. An expired green card may also become the reason for this concern.

This article may help you to know the reasons about how permanent immigrants can also be deported due to violations or their negligence.

Crimes leading to deportation

Keeping in mind that all crimes don’t make a non-US citizen inadmissible, however, there are certain crimes which fall in the category of deportation.  There’s a list of crimes issued by USCIS known as deportable offenses and that may lead to deportation. The major crimes are categorized as:

Aggravated felonies

There are around 30 crimes included in this category. The crimes include murder, rape, kidnapping, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and many other violent ones. They are under federal law and the immigrants involved in such crimes face serious consequences.

Crime involving moral turpitude

It’s an offense that includes dishonesty or fraud. It may create a negative impact on an immigrant’s residence status. The crimes like an assault with intent to commit murder, domestic violence when committed against a person’s spouse, robbery, welfare fraud (and many others) are declared by the court as CIMT.

Note that these crimes are committed deliberately and are not as a result of a mistake, accident, or bad judgment call.

Drug crimes

Any drug convictions can cause deportation. According to the law drug abusers and addicts are also deportable.

Firearms crimes

According to the law, anyone involved in purchasing, selling, offering for sale, exchanging, using, owning, possessing, and carrying of any firearm guns or destructive device will be deportable.

Domestic violence crimes

Anyone convicted in domestic violence crimes may be punished or jailed however it may lead to deportation or inadmissibility for non-US citizens if found convicted.

The above categories of crime may overlap, but their distinction is important specifically for non-US citizens. Because once you found guilty over these crimes and get deported you won’t be able to return to the US legally ever, no matter for how long he or she was residing in the US or holding a green card.

Does green card expiry lead to deportation?

According to US law, the permanent residents must carry their green card with themselves every day, everywhere. But it seems like neither the people carry it more often nor it is enforced strictly by the US government. As a result, most people are having an expired green card and that easily goes unnoticed.

You have to renew your permanent status after every 10 years being a non-US citizen, though renewing your green card costs much ($540 according to USCIS) but an expired green card may cost a lot more than you ever imagined.

Your legal status as the permanent resident of the US won’t change but you may encounter various problems such as you may face difficulty in re-entering the US once you travel. Similarly, if you are thinking to switch your job or apply for a job that won’t work without a valid green card. Professional licenses are granted to valid green card holders and which helps in keeping your jobs. To sum up, a valid green card is a must for your job.