Can A Green Card Holder Be Denied Entry to The US? 

Every year, millions of people enter the United States by air, land, or sea. The border and customs officers inspect the credentials of people upon arrival at the United States for compliance customs and immigration rules and regulations. Even you have a green card (permanent residence of the United States), you may want to see your family living in the home country.  


You might experience some problems upon arrival in the United States. However, a question arises here that, can a green card holder be denied to enter the US? Although a green card holder can stay and work in the United States permanently, however, the possibility of deportation exists. The authority of the United States deports many, like thousands of people every year.


You must know your obligations and rights as a citizen of the United States when you come back from abroad. In that way, you can know the circumstances to be denied entry to the United States, if your entry is denied. if you find you have been wrongly denied entrance in the United States, you can contact your immigration attorney.  


Can You Be Denied Entry to the US? 

Usually, the person with valid permanent residence status (green card), should not be denied to enter the United States. But there are some circumstances that lead to being denied entry of permanent resident holder. If CBP (customs and border protection) officers find that the person coming back is no longer qualified to stay in the United States, they can deny entry of that individual.  


If your entry is denied by CBP officers, it doesn’t mean they will board you on the plane immediately. They may hold you for some hours so you can discuss your case or you may contact your attorney. 


The Entry of the United States: 

Upon arrival in the United States, CBP officers can ask your passport and travel documents to verify your permission to enter the United States. There are 3 ways to enter legally in the United States, as a citizen, as a visitor, or as a green cardholder.  


Reasons for denied entry to the US: 

Can a green card holder be denied entry to the US? Yes, there are a few reasons behind it. It mostly happens when the terms and conditions of the visa/green card are violated. Some of the violations are described here: 

  • Failure to coming back to the United States within a specified period of time.  
  • Found guilty to commit a crime.  
  • For holding a green card, being found inadmissible. It applies to leave and come back to the United States each time.  
  • Visa terms are violated (i.e. working when you weren’t supposed to)  


Can A Green Card Renewal Be Denied? 

This is an important question to be answered, can a green card renewal be denied? Of course yes, if your eligibility of permanent residence doesn’t exist then green card renewal can be denied. Whenever you apply for a green card renewal, USCIS (United States citizenship and immigration services) examines the eligibility of your visa category for an extension.  


Reasons for Green Card Renewal Denied: 

Here are some reasons described below for the denial of green card renewal.  


Committed a crime:  

USCIS (United States citizenship and immigration services) will check your background whenever you apply for green card renewal. You have to submit the I90 form for the renewal of green cards and biometric as well. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigates that information if they found your crime they report to USCIS.  


Providing Incorrect Information: 

The USCIS wants correct and updated information from you and if they find any incorrect information about you then they may not allow your green card renewal.  


Order of Your Removal: 

If a judge ordered your removal from the United States, then in that case your green card renewal denied.  


Submitting the Wrong Form: 

Usually, form I-90 is used to renew or replace a green card. If you got a green card through marriage with the United States resident, you should not submit I-90 for green card renewal. That is the reason for green card renewal denied.  



Whenever you apply for green card renewal, keep in mind all factors that are described above. Once your green card renewal denied, it is impossible to regain a renewal so always consult immigrant experts before going for the green card renewal process.