How do I check the status of my green card?

There were days when you applied for immigration, and you had to wait as long as the process didn’t complete without knowing the status of your application. Your green card can be marriage-based or work-based or it might be a green card lottery, either it is approved or denied; it takes several months to get into your notice. Now that your application is submitted and you are waiting, you can check your immigration status by just a single click. Green card lottery    Till now you get to know a lot about green card lottery however some things need to be discussed here. The initiative ‘Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery Program’ taken by the US government to issue visas to 50,000 lucky immigrants from across the globe holds significant importance as it gives more opportunities to the people who are striving hard to achieve a better life standard according to their needs and choices. Every year millions apply to get their dreams fulfilled, however only a few actually got what they desired for in the form of green card lottery. GREEN MAGIC! Eligibility requirements for a green card lottery    This program making a limited number of immigrants across the globe

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