How do you get a green card sponsorship?

Have you ever wanted to live and work in the United States? A green card is access to permanent residence in the US, and through the green card, you can easily work in the United States without any limitation and restrictions. You can also sponsor your relatives from a different nation to become a green cardholder. The green card makes traveling to the United States easier because this card provides permanent and lawful residence the United States offers different ways to become a green card holder but immigration and green card process are sometimes very long and often difficult. There are 3 main ways to get easy sponsorship to a green card (permanent residence).   Green card through the family-members: Family members and spouses who lived in the US can sponsor you. This sponsorship provides a chance to live in the US with your close relatives, parents, and children. By getting this sponsorship you legally get driving licenses, move to any state, and establish your business as well without any restriction.  To getting family-based green-card you must be eligible some categories below: You must have US citizen Spouse  Unmarried child of US citizen Parent/ Brother or sister of US citizen

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