Confirmation Number for Green Card Lottery. All You Need to Know

You have applied for the green card lottery and now eagerly waiting to know whether you got selected or rejected? Wondering; whether you get an email or not? No, you won’t! You have to check your selection status online using your confirmation number.

What Is A Green Card Lottery Confirmation Number?

Once you submit an online application to enter the lottery, you get a confirmation number that is 16 characters long. It begins with the year of the lottery program you applied for, your last name, and birth year.

The green card lottery is a fully automated program, and you won’t get an email or letter notifying you that you “won” or your application was not accepted. The only way to find whether you got selected or not is through Entrant Status Check (ESC).

The application entries for the green card lottery are accepted in autumn, and right after you apply in early May, you can start checking your success status using Entrant Status Check.

What If I Didn’t Receive the Confirmation Notice and Number?

Ideally, a confirmation notice along with a confirmation number is received immediately. Sometimes delay happens. This is nothing to worry about; you can click submit button as many times as required until you get confirmation notice. Once you get the number, do not resubmit the application because it will be duplicate. Duplicate entries are not entertained, and they end up disqualifying.

Even after submitting, you didn’t receive a confirmation number; it probably means your entry was not recorded. You should submit another entry to get the confirmation number. Without a confirmation number, you can’t do anything further.

Why Is the Green Card Lottery Confirmation Number Substantial?

To check your application status, you must have the confirmation number that was allotted to you when you submitted the online application. The Confirmation number is the only way to know whether you are selected or not. You must hold on to a copy of the diversity visa lottery confirmation page and its print. This DV lottery confirmation page includes the applicant’s name, date of birth, a confirmation number, and digital signature. You must have all of this record to check the Electronic Green Card Lottery Entry Form status you applied for the program.

The confirmation code has 16 alphanumeric characters. The first four characters define the year value.

After entering the confirmation number, people selected for the green card get good news and further information on applying for the visa.

Confirmation Number Error Messages

When you are using Entrant Status Check and tend to complete the Entrant Information page, you might get an error message. The error message may indicate that the entered value is not correct. Even though you have your confirmation number in hand, and you think that you have entered it correctly, there are still chances of error. Some alphanumeric values on confirmation numbers become confusing because of their similar appearances.

For Example, there may be confusion between a “number 0” and a “letter O” or “number 1” and “letter I.” The error message is nothing to be worried about; you can enter the number again until the page accepts.

What If I Lost My Confirmation Number for Green Card Lottery?

Many applicants do not proceed after winning just because they forgot or lost their confirmation number. They claim that they had to enter the primary information. And the preliminary information has to be the same as was on the visa lottery form. When they reached the Entrant Information page right after the welcome page on Entrant Status Check, they confused the confirmation code.

We do not question that; you will have to submit the same information, which is only recorded on the confirmation number. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot check your status. Even if you have lost it, you can retrieve it through the Entrant Status Check website if you know the registered email.

  • Click on the forgot confirmation number, and the verify Entrant page is displayed.

To fill out the verify page, you need to:

  • Select the program year
  • In the name field, enter the applicant’s name exactly as you had entered on the lottery entry form.
  • In the date of birth field, you have to enter the month and day and four-digit year—for Example, 02 02 2002.
  • In the email field, enter the same email you entered when you filled out the Electronic Green Card Lottery Form.
  • In the end, you’ll see an authentication field, in which you’ll have to enter the characters displayed above.

Sometimes, the characters are hard to read; if you face any difficulty, do any of the following:

  • You can click speakers to hear the audio and enter the authentication field’s characters.
  • You can click refresh to display a new captcha that may be easy to read.
  • Lastly, click submit.

If you have successfully entered all the information, you’ll see your entry status. The messages may be different based upon the other situation. There may be information about other processes if you are selected or if an interview needs to be scheduled. As the messages will inform you what you have to do based on your entry status, there will be no difficulty.

It would be best if you had the page’s print, therefore click print and save.

Don’t Fall Prey to Scammers.

Losing a confirmation number is not a big deal! Many unscrupulous individuals misguide people that only they can help if you have lost your confirmation number for the green card lottery.

You have known through our guide that none can check the status of your entry other than you. There is no way of checking your application status other than Entrant Status Check based on confirmation number.

Many people get fatigued, and they run towards these scammers to help them view their status. This is wrong! You can easily retrieve your confirmation number through the Entrant Status Checking page. Never share your confirmation number, date of birth, and other personal information with anyone. These people will profit off your information, may blackmail you, and what not! Therefore, beware of the scammers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the frequently asked questions that might help you:

  • How Can I Check My DV Lottery Without Confirmation Number?

You cannot check your DV lottery status without the confirmation number. However, if you have lost it, you can retrieve it through the Entrant Status Check website by clicking on forgot confirmation number. This will require you to fill an Entrant verify page. That’s it!

  • After How Much Time Will I Get the Confirmation Number?

Usually, you get the confirmation number and notice right after you click submit. But the internet is the boss; it may make the process slow.  In case of delay, you don’t get the confirmation code.

  • What Do I Do If I Do Not Get a Confirmation Code?

Do not panic! Resubmit the application again and again unless you get the confirmation code. But once you get the confirmation code, do not resubmit the application. It will become a duplicate entry.

  • What Is the Format of a Valid Confirmation Number for Green Card Lottery?

The confirmation number is a 16 characters long number. Its format is YYYYXXXXXXXXXXXX, where YYYY indicates the year number for the entry program like 2020. The remaining characters belong to birth year and last name.

  • Is the confirmation number unique?

Yes, each individual is allotted a unique confirmation number. The US department of state has strict rules and regulations for the green card lottery. No two persons can have the same confirmation code, even if they have the same name and birth year.

  • How Can I Check My Confirmation Code If I Lost It?

You cannot check your confirmation number; you receive it at the time of submission. If you have forgotten or lost your confirmation code, you need to go on the Entrant Status Check website and click on the forgot code to check the status.

Final Words

As for now, you better know that the green card lottery exists, and you can be one of those lucky 50,000 applicants to get selected. It would be best if you did it because a miracle happens, and you never know what might happen.

Our bonus tip for you is a suggestion that you save your unique confirmation number. Or even if you lose it, retrieve it yourself. Do not rely on anyone else. Keep checking your application status from May to September. We wish you good luck!