What are the EB1 green card requirements?

The EB1 green card is known as an employment-based first preference immigrant visa that is part of permanent residency in the USA. It is introduced for such people who have an extraordinary ability in any field, who is an outstanding researcher or professor. Multinational executives or managers also are eligible to apply for it.


The EB1 green card is intended for “priority workers”, who are foreign nationals. These people have top-level skills and such abilities that are helpful to boost the economy of a country so US authorities introduced the EB1 green card category for the country’s benefits. There are several subcategories of EB1 green card that are EB-1A, EB-1B, and EB-1C.  

Benefits of EB1 green card: 

The EB1 green card applicants can enjoy two main benefits that are as follows: 


(1). No waiting time: 

If the application has been approved for getting an EB1 green card, there is a little wait involved in receiving it. On the other hand, for other applications like EB2 or 

EB3, waiting time for getting these is long after the application has been approved.  


(2). No PERM process: 

Most of the US employers don’t want to go for that process. Basically PERM process is analyzing the labor market of the USA. It aims to ensure that no one is available in the market whose ability meets the criteria to perform any specific job. This process is expensive and long. PERM process can be avoided if the applicant qualifies for an EB1 green card.  


EB1 green card requirements: 

The applicants who qualify for EB-1A may file their petition for an immigrant visa by themselves. The applicants of EB-1B and EB-1C must have any job offer from any US employer. They also have to meet the requirements of the subcategory in which they fall. Let’s have a look in detail at all subcategories of the EB1 green card.   


EB-1A Extraordinary Ability: 

The EB-1A is most reliable and difficult to obtain among other categories. The requirement to qualify for that category is that you must have specialized and top level skills in any field. That skill must be acknowledged on international level. You have to prove that by demonstrating any award that you have won internationally or have any certificate regarding it for qualifying EB-1A green card.  


EB-1A eligibility criteria:  

Any foreign national with extraordinary ability in following the professional field are eligible for EB-1A immigrant visas. These fields are as follows: 

  • Science, education, business, arts, and athletics.  
  • Recipients of any international level award just like Oscar, Nobel prize.  


If you haven’t won any award but you have a special skill in your field, you can provide evidence to the US government that proves you to be deserving of qualifying EB-1A green card. Furthermore, 3 out of 10 following criteria must be met for demonstrating according to USCIS.  

  • Present your membership in such associations that require outstanding achievements.  
  • Receipt of nationally/internationally recognized prizes/awards for excellence. 
  • Evidence of your commercial successes in the performing arts  Proof of judgment of other work in your field.  
  • Receipt of any certificate on an international forum in your field.  
  • An article that is published regarding your expertise in your field.  
  • Proof of scholarly contribution in your field.  
  • Any other thing that can prove your ability of expertise in your field.  
  • Receipt of high salary received compared to others in your field.  
  • Performance of any significant role in a reputed organization.  


Benefits of EB-1A green card:  

  • You don’t need the support of an employer; it means you can file your petition by yourself.  
  • For filing a petition, you don’t need a job offer or labor condition application (LCA). 


EB-1B Outstanding Researcher and Professors:  

It depends on your reputation and skill that how are you a good researcher or professor? If you are a good researcher or professor than you might be eligible for an EB-1B immigrant visa. In this category, the petitioning employer has to demonstrate that alien has outstanding ability in his field.  


EB-1B eligibility criteria: 

  • You must be internationally recognized for being outstanding in your field. 
  • You must have three years of experience related to teaching or research in that area in which you are recognized as outstanding.   
  • You must come to the USA for a tenure or tenure track position at a university or institution of higher education.  
  • For sponsoring your case, you need an employer.  


Benefits of EB-1B green card:  

  • An outstanding researcher or professor does not require any labor certification application(LCA). 
  • In this category, the outstanding professor or researcher is the beneficiary and the employer is the petitioner.  


EB-1C Multinational Executives & Managers: 

It is designed for those employees who are working as executives or managers in a US-based employer. The US-based employer must have been running the business for at least one year in the USA.  


Benefits of EB-1C green card: 

  • A multinational executive or manager does not need a labor certification application(LCA).  
  • Possibility of obtaining green card relatively short period of time.  
  • In this category, the multinational executive or manager is the beneficiary and the employer is the petitioner.  


EB-1C eligibility criteria: 

  • To work for managerial or executive capacity, the employee should come for a US employer.  
  • Sponsoring of the case must be referred to US employer.  
  • The alien must have worked abroad in an executive or managerial capacity for the company.  


EB1 Green Card Processing Time: 

The processing time of the EB1 green card is generally up to 8 months. However, if the application of EB1 has been approved, the US government may take 6 months to issue permanent residence.  If the EB-1 category is current, then these times are available. There will be an extended amount of time to receive visa numbers If the EB-1 category is not current. In nutshell, EB1 green card processing time is estimated. For getting information about forms and fees for immigration petition for alien workers visit this link. 



The most advantageous employment-based green card is EB-1A green card. Demonstration to get that card is difficult so always consult an immigration professional regarding this.