What is the green card number and how to explain it?

The green card number basically is a receipt number that is issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). It comprises 13 digits that are printed on the backside of the green card (digits within a red circle in the above picture). It’s known as case number as well because it indicates your specific immigration case. US authorities can track your case with the help of it.  


A green card seems to be simple until when you flip it over, you will find some numbers, letters, and symbols there. The combination of that contains very important information including your green card number which is unique to each green cardholder. The green card number starts with 3 letters (SRC in the above pic) followed by 10 numbers. However, the green card number is different from the alien registration number. If you want to apply for a green card visit that links for details.  


Where we can find a green card number? 

The green card number is also called a permanent resident number or receipt number. You can find its location when you flip over the green card, at the bottom, there are 3 lines of 90 characters that include letters, symbols, numbers (See above pic). There are 30 characters in each line and at the end of the first line, the last 13 digits represent green card numbers followed by “<<“.  


Format of green card number:  

If you look at the backside of the green card (in the above pic), the first line starts with C1 or C2. C1 indicates a green card holder is a long term permanent resident in the USA on the other hand C2 shows that the commuter from Canada is a permanent resident in the USA. The next 3 digits indicate the country of residence, USA. The next 10 digits (6 to 15) are alien numbers on the green card.  Now green card number starts, the first 3 letters (16 to 28) are called the service center that received the case.  


There are different types of codes that are used by USCIS are as follows:  


CSC – California Service Center 

EAC – Eastern Adjudication Center (now known as Vermont Service Center) 

IOE – ELIS (efile) 

LIN – Lincoln Service Center (now known as Nebraska Service Center) 

MSC – Missouri Service Center (now known as National Benefits Center) 

NBC – National Benefits Center 

NSC – Nebraska Service Center 

SRC – Southern Regional Center (now known as Texas Service Center) 

TSC – Texas Service Center 

VSC – Vermont Service Center 

WAC – Western Adjudication Center (now known as California Service Center) YSC – Potomac Service Center 


Fiscal year: 

After service center code you can see 2 digits on the green card that represents the year in which case was received. The fiscal year of the US government might be different from your calendar. It begins on the 1st of October and ends on 30th September. It means if a case is received on 20th October 2019 the fiscal year would be 2-digit code 20.  


Computer workday: 

There are 3 digits next to the fiscal year are called computer workday of the year in which case was opened. Weekends and holidays are not included in it.  


Case number: 

Next to computer workday, there is a 5-digit number that is called case number.  


2nd line of green card: 

The second line of the green card, next to the case number, indicates a birth date in (YY/MM/DD) format, gender, and expiry date of the card in (YY/MM/DD) format.  


3rd line of green card: 

There is information regarding last name, first name, father’s or mother’s first initial, etc, in the 3rd line of green card.  


Alien registration number: 

The alien registration number is also known as “A-number” or “USCIS number”. It consists of a seven to a nine-digit number that you can find on a green card. In other words, we can say an alien registration number is an identification number for noncitizens. Due to alien number on a green card, US immigration authority can track all your applications or forms that you file over the years.  


Who can get an alien number? 

Anyone who applies for a green card, an alien registration number is assigned, regardless of whether they are eligible through family, employment. The alien number is issued to all immigrants who intend to live permanently in the USA. Furthermore, short term visitors are not included because they don’t intend to live permanently in the USA. That visitors include short-term workers, tourists or business travelers, etc.  


However, there is one exception to this, an alien registration number is assigned to international students even though they are not permanent residents. They get  F1 student visa to stay in the USA and they are eligible to work as well in the USA even though they don’t apply for the green card.  


Location of the alien number on green card: 

You can find an alien number on the front side of green card underneath USCIS# or over flipping the green card, at the bottom you can see 3 lines. After the first 5 digits, the next 10 digits (6 to 15) are called alien registration numbers in the first line. 


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